Project Oxygen Survival Simulator Receives Final Title and Early Access

Project Oxygen Survival Simulator Receives Final Title and Early Access Date

The Polish studio Far From Home, consisting of former developers of Dying Light, The Medium, Outriders and The Divinity: Original Sin Dilogy, demonstrated Sci-Fi survival simulator Forever Skies (Oxygen project until recently).

Image source: Far from home

Image source: Far from home

The concept of the game has not changed from the original announcement: the events of Forever Skies will take place on Earth devastated by an ecological catastrophe, along which the hero – a lone scientist – travels in a high-tech airship.

“Find ways to get food and resources, and explore the debris above and below the thick layer of toxic dust that covers the surface of the earth. Where did the dust come from? What is she? And what is hidden under it? “ – The authors ask questions.

For the protagonist, the aforementioned airship is not only a means of transportation in the post-apocalyptic world, but also a home, a workshop, a laboratory. The plane needs to be improved and expanded.

Forever Skies gameplay also includes exploring the area on foot, crafting items, growing plants, researching virology, and battling dangerous evolved creatures.

Forever Skies is expected to launch Early Access on Steam later this year. At the start of the pre-release version, the game will be designed to run for around 30 hours. With one of the first updates, the project will be expanded to include a cooperative for four people.

Forever Skies will be in Early Access for about a year. The developers also confirmed the release on the current generation consoles – PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and S. “later”

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