Programmers are already making full use of AI tools even

Programmers are already making full use of AI tools, even though they don’t fully trust them.

A developer survey by coding Q&A site Stack Overflow found that AI-powered tools are becoming more common in the industry, although programmers remain skeptical of their accuracy.

    Image source: pixabay

Image source: pixabay

The survey results showed that 77% of respondents are positive about the use of AI in their workflows and 70% are already using AI programming tools this year or plan to do so. Respondents cited benefits such as increased productivity (33%) and faster learning (25%), but raised concerns about the accuracy of these systems. Just 3% of respondents said they “completely trust” AI tools, while 39% said they “partially trust” them. Another 31% chose the answer “undecided”, while the rest answered “I’m cautious” (22%) or “I don’t trust at all” (5%).

According to Stack Overflow, 90,000 respondents from 185 countries took part in the annual survey. Further highlights of the use of AI are:

  • ChatGPT is the most popular AI search tool, used by 83% of respondents, followed by Bing (20%), WolframAlpha (13%) and Google Bard (10%);
  • GitHub Copilot is the most popular developer search tool, used by 55% of respondents, followed by Tabnine (13%) and AWS CodeWhisperer (5%);
  • Respondents from India, Brazil and Poland are more likely to use artificial intelligence tools than developers from the US, UK and Germany;
  • Respondents who are still learning how to code are more likely to use AI tools than those who describe themselves as “professional developers” (82% vs. 70%).

Now Stack Overflow is trying to figure out how to prevent AI-generated content from polluting its own community-generated knowledge base. Last December, the company temporarily banned AI-generated coding tips, but in MayIn fact, that decision was reversed.

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