Potion Tycoon from the developers of Deep Sky Derelicts offers to become the owner of an alchemy shop

Daedalic Entertainment Publishing and Development Studio Snowhound Games (Deep Sky Derelicts) announced a joint project – the Potion Tycoon alchemy shop management simulator.

Image Source: Daedalic Entertainment

Image Source: Daedalic Entertainment

The creators claim that Potion Tycoon is “Magic look” on the genre of economic simulator. The main task of the player is to bypass competitors and become the most successful Potions Master.

Potion Tycoon will offer you to take control of your own magical potions store and all aspects of the business: mining ingredients, researching recipes, creating elixirs, optimizing production lines and expanding your empire.

In addition to the efficiency of the store, users will have to raise its presentability: pleasant interior, sophisticated aroma, beautiful showcase with exclusive offers.

An exquisite store can attract VIPs with whom to enter into “Especially dangerous” Contracts: Successful completion of such tasks will help you become famous and make a fortune, and failure will ruin your reputation.

Among other things, the developers of Potion Tycoon promise Hand-drawn peace with “Magical atmosphere”, “Detailed alchemical system”, well-thought-out control mechanics and “Exciting events”

As with Potion Craft, Potion Tycoon will first appear in Steam Early Access. This will happen at the beginning of 2022. How long the project is going to keep in the pre-release state has not yet been reported.

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