Post apocalyptic thriller Project Eve has a definitive title and release

Post-apocalyptic thriller Project Eve has a definitive title and release date

South Korean studio Shift Up as part of State of Play’s September issue introduced Story trailer for her post-apocalyptic action game Project Eve, in which she revealed the game’s final name and release date.

    Image Source: Upshift

Image Source: Upshift

As it became known, Project Eve is called Stellar Blade. The first word symbolizes the stars, and the blade determines the existence of the main character. Where this blade will take you depends on the players (according to the developers).

As for the release date, Stellar Blade is set to premiere in 2023 as a PlayStation 5 console exclusive (meaning the PC version will not be cancelled). The project is self-published by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

According to the plot, the surviving parachutist Eva and her friends must reclaim Earth from the invaders NA:tives. During the adventure, the protagonist will visit the last refuge of humans on the planet – the city of Xion and help in its reconstruction.

The developers promise the ability to help survivors, a combat system with reflections, distractions and unique abilities, as well as challenging bosses, pumping mechanics and support for DualSense controller features.

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