Porsche now wants to achieve 80 electric vehicles by 2030

Porsche now wants to achieve 80% electric vehicles by 2030

The Porsche brand has been the financial powerhouse of the entire Volkswagen Group for many years and is going public this year. Porsche, too, is trying to get into the bright electric future faster than its competitors and expects to offer up to 80% of new cars as electric-only by the end of the decade.

Image source: Porsche

Image source: Porsche

From a previous target with similar numeric values ​​as explained Reuters, the new one differs only in that 80% of the time, Porsche not only included electric vehicles, but also hybrids. The latter are now exempt from the plan, and four out of five Porsche cars sold in the primary market by the end of the decade will have to move solely because of electric motors. In addition, this is only a minimum limit that can even be exceeded by 2030.

In the long term, Porsche expects a profit margin of at least 15%, according to company representatives. Porsche is aiming for a capitalization of up to 90 billion euros for the forthcoming IPO. The Volkswagen Group expects to increase the share of electric vehicles in the structure of its sales to just 50% by 2030. In another ten years, the share of climate-neutral new cars in the main sales markets will approach 100%, and by 2050 all Volkswagen activities must be climate-neutral.

In addition, Volkswagen is already the most dynamically developing manufacturer of electric vehicles in the world, which will be able to compete with Tesla in terms of sales by the end of this year. Unlike its American competitor, the German giant offers its customers a fairly wide range of electric models. With the latest MEB platform, Volkswagen was able to produce 300,000 electric vehicles in a range of ten models from five brands last year. Not only will the company rapidly ramp up production of its own electric vehicles, but it will also help partners like the same Ford Motor.


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