Popular gaming blogger videogamedunkey started a publishing company to help

Popular gaming blogger videogamedunkey started a publishing company to help indie developers

Video game blogger Jason Gastrow, better known as videogamedunkey (or simply Dunkey), announced the launch of an indie publishing company with his wife, Leah Gastrow big mode.

    Image source: YouTube (videogamedunkey)

Image source: YouTube (videogamedunkey)

Bigmode aims to help creators stand out from the crowd with their creations: “In today’s indie world, buying a game is like buying a Counter-Strike loot box: you don’t know what you’re getting, but you’ll probably get excited.”.

The Gastrow couple want to release “One of the best games out there” and help their creators with funding, production, promotion, testing, porting, localization, and merchandise.

“I understand which ideas always work, which never work, which are fresh, which need to come back and which are already pretty boring.”— said videogamedunkey in the Bigmode announcement video.

Youtuber notes that he hooked up with his wife “A lot of effort to make contracts as developer-friendly as possible”. Ultimately is Bigmode’s goal “Making good games a success and building on them in the future”.

Good games acc Information on the Bigmode website, have nothing to do with NFT, blockchain and cryptocurrency. Projects containing the items listed will not be considered.

During his career, Gastro’s YouTube channel has attracted more than 7 million subscribers and 3.5 billion views. In his mostly humorous videos, dunkey criticizes, praises or makes fun of games/industry events.


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