Please Stop The director of Tekken 7 was impressed with

“Please Stop”: The director of Tekken 7 was impressed with the mod that adds characters from Elden Ring to the fighting game

Tekken 7 Development Lead Katsuhiro Harada on his microblog commented a recent mod for a fighting game that turns some of the fighters into characters from Elden Ring.

    Image Source: (TekkenMods)

Image Source: (TekkenMods)

We’re talking about The Ultimate Elden Ring modpack (available here) by a user under the pseudonym Ultraboy. This bundle contains eight skins for existing Tekken 7 heroes.

So the Ultimate Elden Ring modpack replaces Lydia with Melina, Gigas with Alexander’s pitcher, Heihachi with Cancer, Kazumi with a tiger with the witch Rennie with the Flow, and so on. Ultraboy showed what it all looks like in the trailer.

Upon release, Harada was bombarded with requests to comment on the mod. The producer was impressed with the fan creation and even found reasons to create it, but asked the modders not to do it again.

“Um… of course Elden was funded by Bandai Namco and I was the general manager of production in charge of Elden, so [мод] not out of place… It’s absurdly well done but please stop lol”Harada shared.

    Image Source: Twitter (Katsuhiro Harada)

Image Source: Twitter (Katsuhiro Harada)

In the comments on Harada’s post cleared fan, which meant: “You probably don’t know, but a surprising number of people can’t tell the difference [мод] from the official product, so contact us”.

Tekken 7 debuted in arcades in 2015 and found its way to PC, PS4, and Xbox One in 2017. In March 2021, the fighting game received the last additional fighter for the time being – the fictional Prime Minister of Poland.


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