PlayStation Portal will go on sale on November 15th

PlayStation Portal will go on sale on November 15th

Sony has announced the release date for the PlayStation Portal remote play gaming device (handheld console). In a tweet published The official PlayStation Twitter account reports that the device will be released “in certain markets” on November 15th.

The handheld is currently available for pre-order through PlayStation Direct in the US, UK, France, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain and Portugal. It’s available for pre-order starting September 29th at “other select retailers” in those countries, plus Japan and Canada.

PlayStation Portal will go on sale on November 15th. The device costs $199.99.

To mark the occasion, Sony released a promotional video.

“PThe layStation Portal is the perfect device for gamers who share a TV in the living room or just need to play PS5 games in another room‘ Sony explained the importance of the console at the time of the announcement last week.

PlayStation Portal connects remotely to your existing PS5 via WiFi, allowing you to quickly switch from playing on PS5 to playing on PlayStation Portal. The console can play supported games installed on the PS5 using the Dualsense controller. In other words, PlayStation Portal is a remote play device and does not provide access to cloud game streaming via PlayStation Plus Premium. In order for PlayStation Portal to function, players must have a PS5 gaming console.

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