PlayStation 5 revenue growth makes Sony AMD its biggest customer

PlayStation 5 revenue growth makes Sony AMD its biggest customer in 2022, accounting for one-sixth of profits

Financial reports for the last quarter of 2022 show the success of Sony and AMD against the background of a very weak year for the entire IT industry. The expert analysis of AMD’s financial numbers also showed how important Sony was to the chipmaker in the most recent quarter.

    Image source: Sony

Image source: Sony

In its Q4 report, AMD identified an unnamed customer that accounted for one-sixth of the company’s net income in 2022 — this buyer’s share has grown significantly year-over-year. One of the experts in the semiconductor industry, based on Sony data for the same quarter, suggested that we should talk about this Japanese company.

While AMD is shipping custom APUs for both the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox S and X series, Microsoft appears to be making significantly less revenue. The fourth quarter of 2022 was a sales record for the PlayStation 5, with 7.1 million copies purchased. The combined statistics from March to December (for the first three quarters of fiscal 2022) show sales of 12.8 million consoles. Since its launch in 2020, 38 million copies have been sold. Sony expects to sell another 6.2 million PlayStation 5s by March 31.

According to analyst Sravan Kundojjala, Sony alone generated 16% of AMD’s total net income in 2022, up from 14% in 2021. Excluding AMD-owned Xilinx, the figure jumps to 20%, making Sony AMD’s largest customer. AMD acknowledges that the loss of an unnamed customer would have caused significant damage to the company’s business.

Expert claims PlayStation 5 shipments are 60% higher than Xbox. However, Microsoft did classify sales data in this segment some time ago, but few doubt that Sony is far ahead of its competitor in the relevant market.

In the report for the fourth quarter, the head of AMD Lisa Su (Lisa Su) said specifiedthat console chip sales growth was very strong year-over-year, but likely downturns in the future “due to the part of the cycle” the company is in.

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