Playing this with headphones at night is too scary The

“Playing this with headphones at night is too scary”: The Dead Space remake scares even its developers

The authors of Dead Space remake tried to increase the feeling of immersion and make the game more scary and unpredictable. The result they have already experienced: the technical director of the project David Robillard (David Robillard) admitted that at night they play with headphones now “too scary”.

    Image Source: Steam

Image Source: Steam

The remake will scare players much more often and in a different way thanks to the new system The Stress Operator (The Intensity Director)that generates combinations of random events.

“When I play it at night I can’t use headphones because I get too scared. Robillard said in an interview for PLAY magazine (writes about GamesRadar). — The game has become very realistic and atmospheric. This not only applies to the visual side, but also to the sound, effects and systems that create terrifying events. All of this could be done on the PlayStation 4, but not at the level we’ve achieved. These innovations bring a lot to the genre and make the gaming experience truly seamless.”

In the same interview, senior producer of the remake, Philippe Ducharme, stressed the importance of immersion. “When we started working on the project, I went through the original several times to make sure my plan was correct. – he said. — I made sure that immersion is one of the key features of this game, so we’ve done everything we can to improve it.”

According to DuCharme, the creators wanted to let players play without interruption for as long as possible. “Our goal was to get one person to play through the entire game in one sitting – let it be 12, 14, 15 hours in a row. You need such strong immersion that it is difficult to even force yourself to go to the toilet, – here Duarme laughed. “Yes, it’s unhealthy, but the game should be exciting.”

Ducharme reminded that the remake is intended for both fans and newcomers. Long-time fans will not only experience nostalgia, but also gain new experiences. “When we talk about the opening part, the original and the remake are very similar, he explained. — But after working through a few chapters, you’ll start noticing discrepancies. At the same time, all changes reflect our basic principles. If we’ve done something new, it’s not because we understand more than the original team. You did a great job.”

Robillard added that the player will never feel safe even after realizing these places are familiar.

Dead Space Remake is coming to PC on January 27thsteam, EA app, Epic game store), PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and S.

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