Players were asked not to use victory poses in Apex Legends so that it doesn’t crash

Respawn Entertainment Studio applied to players in Apex Legends Battle Royale with an unusual request. The developers asked the players not to get into a victory pose for a while during the match so that the game would not crash.

Source here and below: Respawn Entertainment

Source here and below: Respawn Entertainment

In a Twitter post studio warns from the use of animated poses. Apex Legends now has a warning about this bug inside it, and a full fix will not be released until next week. The authors also asked the players to tell their friends about the error so that they would not encounter crashes.

On Reddit, a studio representative reported that the QA department checked the update and poses and found no errors. Moreover, now the crash does not always occur, so the developers are trying to understand under what conditions the bug occurs. Users praised the studio for reporting in-game issues rather than being limited to social media.

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