Players reveal a secret in Deathloop that the developer hinted at

Forum user Reddit Under the pseudonym BorkowskiBoy, he announced that he had found a secret in Deathloop that was hinted at by Arkane Studios level designer Julien Eveille. The material is possible spoilers to the game.

Image source: Bethesda Softworks

Image source: Bethesda Softworks

According to Eviye, it was about a not-so-well hidden puzzle, which consists of two parts: the action on one card and the consequences on the other. The search was carried out in the Apdaam area, which the designer worked on predominantly.

The secret is connected with the bomb, which is activated in the event of an alarm being raised at the level “Fristad Rock”. The explosion destroys the entire rock (and the hero too), but if you manage to escape from the location during the countdown, you can see the consequences of the detonation.

So, from the direction of Fristad, a cloud of smoke begins to rise, and in the afternoon a unique group of cultists appears in Apdaam, discussing the current situation and the possibility of arranging an even larger explosion.

According to user Twitter under the pseudonym ElliottFinn, who also managed to find a secret, there is enough time to escape from the explosion – the player even managed to defeat the invading Julianne (AI) and unblock the exits from the location.

Soon after the publication of Eviye confirmed find ElliottFinn. However, as it turned out, on the eve of the developer’s teaser, some had already managed to see the consequences of the detonation of the bomb, but for a secret the players are not accepted

Deathloop debuted on September 14th on PC (Steam, Bethesda Launcher) and PS5. In the story, the mercenary Colt Van gets stuck in a time loop on the Black Reef Island. To get out of the cycle, the hero needs to kill eight ideologists in one day.

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