Players funded Stormgate strategy from former Warcraft III and StarCraft

Players funded Stormgate strategy from former Warcraft III and StarCraft II developers in under 15 minutes

The ambitious real-time strategy game Stormgate from former Warcraft III and StarCraft II developers Frost Giant Studios went to the crowdfunding platform yesterday Kickstarter and had almost immediate success there.

    Image source: Frost Giant Studios

Image source: Frost Giant Studios

The Stormgate fundraising campaign started on December 5th and before you know it, the developers have already reached their goal of $100,000. The team reached the top in less than 15 minutes.

With 57 days to go before the end of the campaign, Stormgate has already exceeded its fundraising plan many times over – at the time of publication the count was over $850,000. Thanks to the generosity of players, the developers are implementing the following:

  • arctic style tile sets;
  • different interface look;
  • additional mutators (modifiers) for cooperative mode for three;
  • Player support tool – should improve accessibility of Stormgate.

Stormgate represents the next evolution of the real-time strategy genre, combining the best elements of fantasy and science fiction in a new post-apocalyptic setting.

In the story, an alien demon race has almost destroyed humanity in the near future. In addition to these infernals and human defenders, there will also be a mysterious third faction in Stormgate.

They promise an exciting campaign with support for up to three players, co-op for three, competitive multiplayer (“1 on 1”, “3 on 3”), a powerful editor, an accessible interface and graphics on a modified Unreal Engine 5.

Stormgate is distributed via a shareware model. Early Access will begin on Steam during 2024. Among other things, investors will have access to the game before early access.

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