Platformer Running on Magic forces players to run from death

Platformer Running on Magic forces players to run from death itself

Meteorbyte Publishing and independent Spanish studio Gusarapo Games officially presented Fantasy platformer Running on Magic for PC and modern consoles.

    Image Source: Meteorbyte Publishing

Image Source: Meteorbyte Publishing

According to the plot, a desperate magician tries to escape death in a distant magical dimension. Luckily for the wizard, the old woman with the scythe is in no hurry, but the hero will still have to help.

Players must overcome all obstacles, use their hovering skills to jump over creatures blocking their way to survive to the end of this short story.

The developers of Running on Magic promise colorful pixel art, five themed worlds, four levels of difficulty, an endless mode (with incremental speed increases) and a leaderboard.

Running on Magic is expected to be released this summer on PC (steam), PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, and Nintendo Switch. The game only supports English and Spanish.


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