Pixel roguelite action game Samurai Bringer is making its debut

Pixel roguelite action game Samurai Bringer is making its debut on PC, PS4, and Switch before the end of the month

Playism publisher and developer of the Japanese studio Alphawing as part of the online broadcast of the New Game + Expo 2022 announced the exact release date of his pixel roguelite action Samurai Bringer.

    Image source: Playism

Image source: Playism

Recall that Samurai Bringer was officially unveiled during the Playism Game Show 2022 in January and was until recently expected to premiere sometime this spring.

It has been announced that Samurai Bringer will be available on April 21st for PC (Steam), PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. The announcement was accompanied by a 40-second trailer (see below), which turned out to be identical to the one that announced it.

Samurai Bringer offers users the role of the deity Susano to regain her former power and defeat the eight-headed demon Orochi who slays hordes of samurai and monsters on the way to the goal.

The developers promise the opportunity to clash with more than a hundred legendary Japanese warriors (including Oda Nobunaga and Date Masamune) in battle and develop your own fighting style and procedural level generation.


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