Photoshop goodbye Microsoft Paint beta now supports layers and transparency

Photoshop, goodbye: Microsoft Paint beta now supports layers and transparency

38 years after its release, the Paint graphics editor now supports layers and transparency. About that the day before reported Dave Grochocki, senior product manager for Windows Inbox Apps at Microsoft.

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“You can now add, remove and edit layers from your canvas to create richer and more complex digital creations. Layers let you layer shapes, text, and other image elements on top of each other., – said Mr. Grokhotsky. Layers appeared in the Windows Preview build in version 11.2308.18.0. To work with them in Paint, just click the corresponding button on the main toolbar. Additional tools will then appear in the workspace sidebar.

Another important innovation in Paint is support for transparency. With the editor you can now open, edit and save PNG files that use transparency. When editing, transparent areas are marked with a traditional checkerboard pattern. For projects with multiple layers, deleting content on one layer reveals the image on another layer below. This increases flexibility when editing an image.

Microsoft recently announced another important feature in the preview version of Paint: you can now remove the background of an image with one click.


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