Phil Spencer on scalebound revival I dont have much to

Phil Spencer on scalebound revival: “I don’t have much to say right now”

Earlier this year, PlatinumGames announced its willingness to return to developing role-playing action Scalebound. But now, in an interview with Game Watch, Xbox boss Phil Spencer (Phil Spencer) said that there is nothing to discuss yet.

    Image source: Microsoft

Image source: Microsoft

Scalebound is considered one of the most notorious projects in Xbox history. Announced in 2014 for Xbox One, the game was conceived as a dream come true by Bayonetta director Hideki Kamiya. However, after prolonged development, it was discontinued in 2017. In 2021, Kamiya admitted it was due to the PlatinumGames team’s inexperience.

Since then, Scalebound fans have constantly begged PlatinumGames and Xbox to return to the project. The developer is no longer against it. The last time Hideki Kamiya said this was to IGN Japan in February. But now it’s time to ask Phil Spencer about it. When asked by Game Watch if a scalebound revival was possible, he replied with a smile: “Currently I can’t say anything about Scalebound”.

Before that, in 2020, Phil Spencer gave a different, clearer answer: “I speak for those who still hope in their hearts that something else will develop. Not left.” Then he regretted introducing the game too soon. Perhaps now, assuming development has resumed, Xbox Game Studios will remain silent until convinced of the project’s success.

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