Phil Spencer explains why the Xbox Keystone Cloud Console didnt

Phil Spencer explains why the Xbox Keystone Cloud Console didn’t come out – it was too expensive

Phil Spencer, Microsoft Vice President and Head of Xbox, in an interview with reporters The edge explains why the launch of the Xbox cloud game console, developed under the codename Keystone, was delayed. It turned out that the device was too expensive.

    Image source: Microsoft

Image source: Microsoft

“She is [консоль] turned out to be more expensive than we wanted when we built it with the hardware solutions included. We decided to focus the team’s work on developing a game streaming app for smart TVs.”said Phil Spencer during a discussion of the prototype Keystone console previously spotted on one of his office shelves.

Instead of a console, Microsoft has teamed up with Samsung to release the Xbox TV app. However, this does not mean that the idea of ​​creating an Xbox cloud console has been completely exhausted. In an interview with reporters, Phil Spencer made it clear that the launch is still planned, but now the project is on hold and will remain in this state until the developers manage to make the cost of the console more attractive. Originally it was planned that the device should cost between 99 and 129 US dollars. So far, the price is around $299 along with a complete gamepad, which is overpriced.

    Image Source: Phil Spencer / Twitter

Image Source: Phil Spencer / Twitter

Phil Spencer also said that after creating a prototype streaming version of the Xbox, the developers tested the device at home and it worked. “very good”. “Are we ever going to release a streaming device? I think we will release it, but it will probably be years before that.”— Phil Spencer said earlier.


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