Phanteks launches high efficiency 140mm D30 140 case fans

Phanteks launches high-efficiency 140mm D30-140 case fans

Phanteks announced the expansion of the D30 case fan family with the larger 140mm D30-140 models. The new products are equipped with customizable backlighting and also have a special mechanism that allows you to use fewer cables when installing multiple fans in a row at the same time.

    Image source: Phanteks

Image source: Phanteks

The new 140mm D30 fans have the same features as their 120mm siblings. This includes, for example, the integration of D-RGB backlighting, which flows smoothly from the frame to the fan blades. The 140mm D30 fan models also offer the ability to connect multiple fans in bundles. Phanteks has developed bridges and screw covers that allow you to easily connect multiple D30 fans. This approach minimizes the number of wires used for the connection.

For Phanteks D30-140 (140 mm) fans, the specified speed range is between 250 and 1800 rpm. They produce airflow up to 71.93 CFM (cubic feet per minute), static pressure up to 3.32 mmH2O, PWM control, and noise level up to 29.5 dBA.

As with the 120mm models, the D30-140 range offers both conventional and reverse airflow fans. This allows customers to choose the cooling configuration they want. The reverse airflow version has a noise level of up to 32.1 dBA at maximum operating speed.

The D30 fans are equipped with a robust 30mm thick frame and aerodynamic blades that copy the design of the Phanteks T30 models. The manufacturer claims that the D30-140 can perform well even under difficult operating conditions, such as when used on radiators or filters. The new D30-140 fans will be used in the upcoming Glacier One 420D30 liquid cooling systems as well as the Phanteks NV9 case.

The D30-140 normal and reverse airflow fans are offered in black and white, individually or in sets of three fans. Below are the recommended prices in Europe:

  • D30-140 Normal Fan Single Package (Black and White) – €29.90;
  • D30-140 Reverse Fan Single Pack (black and white) – €29.90;
  • D30-140 Regular Fan Triple Pack (black and white) – €84.90;
  • D30-140 Reverse Fan Triple Pack (black and white) – €84.90.

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