Phanteks has denied allegations of stealing ideas from Lian Li

Phanteks has denied allegations of stealing ideas from Lian Li and is ready to prove its innocence in court

Phanteks issued a statement regarding Lian Li’s allegations. The latter filed a lawsuit against Phanteks, accusing it of copying Lian Li’s patented solutions in Phanteks D30 RGB fans. Phanteks said it had not copied anything and was prepared to defend its case in court.

    Image source: Phanteks

Image source: Phanteks

It was previously reported that Lian Li sued Phanteks for allegedly copying in its products the originally patented Lian Li Uni Fan system, which allows multiple fans to be bundled together without the use of additional cables. This way you can get rid of protruding cables and tidy up your PC.

In its defense, Phanteks stated that during the development of the Phanteks D30 RGB fans, it constantly consulted its lawyers to identify possible intellectual property conflicts. Phanteks stated that it is ready to participate in the legal process and prove its innocence in the case of infringement of Lian Li’s intellectual property rights. Phanteks’ full statement can be found below:

“We at Phanteks confirm receipt of a patent infringement lawsuit filed by another PC component brand. We want to communicate publicly that our legal team has always appropriately addressed any legal issues that may arise. From the beginning of the development of the Phanteks D30 fan, our goal was to create an original, innovative product that offers new possibilities for computer enthusiasts. Throughout the ventilator development process and prior to its official announcement, we consulted with patent attorneys regarding possible infringement of third-party patents. No violations were identified. Phanteks D30 fans are an original idea for which patents have now been granted in many countries around the world.

We value and respect valid and enforceable intellectual property rights and are confident that the outcome of this litigation will confirm that there has been no infringement on our part. We will continue our mission to create unique and innovative solutions for the PC community.”.

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