Peter Molyneux Studios Raises 52 Million From The Sale

Peter Molyneux Studios Raises $ 52 Million From The Sale Of NFT Land In Legacy

A few days ago, game designer Peter Molyneux and his studio 22cans presented “The world’s first blockchain business simulator” called Legacy. In the new project, players will be able to receive LegacyCoin cryptocurrency and own “NFT-ground”… The new idea of ​​the creator of Fable has already helped him and his team to earn 40 million pounds (over $ 52 million) on the sales of that very NFT land.

Image source: 22cans

Image source: 22cans

Owning an NFT land allows you to create your own Business Association in Legacy. You can play Legacy while earning and managing your gameplay. “, – explained the representative of the company Gala Games, which is now helping 22cans with the development.

The owners of such an NFT land after the release of the project will become the owners of the rights to their own blockchain business association within Legacy. The land will give players access to the Legacy Keys, with which it will be possible to recruit business partners. For this, they, in turn, will give a part of the earned LegacyCoin.

LegacyCoin based on the Ethereum blockchain will become the base currency of the simulator and will be released in 2022 along with the business simulator. Tokens will be used for in-game trading. They will also be able to purchase exclusive NFT items.

The Legacy is slated for release in 2022. Target platforms have not been announced.

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