People in Jackets Killed Disco The ZAUM studio tried to

“People in Jackets Killed Disco”: The ZA/UM studio tried to cover up the departure of key developer Disco Elysium and threatened him with a lawsuit

portal kotaku Citing two informants familiar with the situation, he shared new details about the scandalous departure of the main developers of the successful role-playing detective Disco Elysium from the Estonian studio ZA / UM.

    Image source: ZA/UM

Image source: ZA/UM

Recall that Disco Elysium editor Martin Luiga recently announced the dissolution of ZA/UM Kulturverein and the forced departure of three of its prominent employees from the studio of the same name at the end of 2021.

Then the art director of Disco Elysium Alexander Rostov Approvedwho no longer work at ZA/UM along with lead game designer Robert Kurvitz and screenwriter Helen Hindpere.

    Robert Kurvitz (Image source: GameSpot)

Robert Kurvitz (Image source: GameSpot)

According to Kotaku sources, ZA/UM’s internal announcement of Kurvitz’s departure included a threat of legal action against the game designer. The studio also did not explain the reasons for the incident to the employees.

In February 2022, Kotaku wanted to interview Kurvitz, but ZA/UM declined on his behalf while not stating that the developer left the company at the end of 2021.

    Image source: Twitter (∞Luiga∞)

Image source: Twitter (∞Luiga∞)

Exactly what prompted Kurvitz, Rostov, and Hindpere to leave ZA/UM is unclear, but the original post and Luigi’s subsequent tweets allude to the core team being pushed aside by the studio’s business side.

As answer to user comment “People in jackets killed the disco” Luiga has attached photos of Disco Elysium executive producers Kaur Kender and Tõnis Haavel.

    Havel was convicted of investment fraud in Estonia (Image source: DevLBD)

Haavel was in Estonia sentenced for investment fraud (Image source: DevLBD)

ZA/UM itself commented on the incident: “Like any other video game, Disco Elysium was and remains a collective work in which the contribution of each individual participant is significant and considered part of a whole.”.

“We have nothing to add at this time, other than that the ZA/UM creative team is focused on developing our next project, which we will be happy to share with you in detail soon.”the studio said in a statement to the press.

    Image Source: Steam (Z0mb1eH3r0)

Image Source: Steam (Z0mb1eH3r0)

In his original speech, Luiga warned that the departure of Kurvitz, Rostov and Hindpere was bad news for fans anticipating a Disco Elysium sequel. A sequel has not been officially confirmed, although Kurvitz had ideas.

Disco Elysium was declared a classic from the start and named one of the best games of 2019. Apparently, the studio’s second project will unfold in a sci-fi universe and will be powered by Unreal Engine 5.

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