Pegatron iPhone factory in India closed after fire

Pegatron iPhone factory in India closed after fire

It is rare for companies that assemble Apple electronic devices to see a year go by without force majeure. While last year operations at Foxconn’s Chinese iPhone assembly plant were affected by lockdowns, this year there was a fire at Pegatron’s Indian plant that forced it to halt operations.

    Image source: Pegatron Technology

Image source: Pegatron Technology

In the night from Sunday to Monday it says ReutersThere was a fire at the Pegatron facility in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu that took almost five hours to extinguish. The first two shifts at the plant were canceled on Monday, and at the time of writing it was unknown whether third shift workers would be required to return to work. Pegatron representatives only stated succinctly that the cause of the fire was a spark and that the consequences of the incident were not that great in terms of the company’s business operations.

This Indian factory produces about 10% of Apple smartphones manufactured in India. It is unclear how the fire will affect the availability of new iPhone models in local retailers. With the expansion of local production, Apple products are also being delivered outside India. However, so far the efforts of local authorities have been aimed at localizing the production of smartphones in order to sell them on the domestic market. There were no injuries in the fire and there was no damage to neighboring buildings.

Taiwanese company Pegatron became Apple’s last contractor to set up iPhone assembly in India last September, but is currently in talks to open a second facility alongside the existing one. Largely due to the appropriate localization of iPhone production, Apple this year managed to start selling the latest smartphone models in India on the same day as in all other “first wave” countries.

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