Peacemaker’s Batman Commentary Annoyed DC

Director and screenwriter James Gunn is proud of never having suffered interference from Marvel and DC during the production of “Guardians of the Galaxy” and “The Suicide Squad”. However, it almost suffered censorship in the launch of the series “The Peacemaker”, released this week in streaming.

In a chat on The Hollywood Reporter’s TV’s Top 5 podcast, he said that one of the curses uttered by the character played by John Cena made DC Entertainment executives stand on end.

According to the filmmaker, the studio almost blocked a scene in which the Peacemaker curses Batman.

“They weren’t happy with the dialogue where he calls Batman ‘fag,’” Gunn recalled. “I told them that the Peacekeeper said terrible things about a lot of other heroes, much worse than that. In fact, his point about Batman is the only one that makes any sense within his logic.”

The scene takes place in the fourth episode, which will be available next Thursday (20/1). In it, the Peacemaker uses the insult (in English, “pu**y”) to indicate that Batman is a coward for not killing his enemies.

“All of his other insults are based on rumors he reads on the internet, but this one is based on something real that he has an opinion on,” Gunn said.

Other slurs by the Peacekeeper include insinuating that Aquaman has sex with fish and that Superman has a fetish with feces. “I don’t know why him calling Batman ‘bi**e’ is worse than these things, you’ll have to ask DC,” concluded the director.


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