PC and tablet sales will be hit harder than

PC and tablet sales will be hit harder than expected in 2023

This year, the PC market will continue to be pressured by macroeconomic weakness and inflation, so IDC experts have lowered their December forecast for PC and tablet sales for 2023 to 403.1 million units from 429.5 million. Only next year will this market segment be able to reach a sales level that exceeds the values ​​of 2019 – 417.7 million devices.

    Image source: Lenovo

Image source: Lenovo

Also in the last six months, as noted in the new IDC report, there are signs that 2023 will be a time when market participants will be stripped of excess inventory and shifted priorities, and client device sales will not grow. Only next year, the need to update the fleet of commercial computing devices will contribute to some revival of the market, and sales of PCs and tablets will constantly grow by 3.6%. The twilight of the Windows 10 lifecycle will force companies to upgrade their PC fleets in both 2024 and 2025, and so-called Chromebooks and Android tablets will start upgrading in the education segment. At the same time, in the commercial segment, Apple devices will lag behind solutions using the platforms of Microsoft and Google in terms of popularity – at least in the next two years.

In the consumer goods sector, the purchasing power of customers worldwide was weakened by the stability of the US currency and rising inflation. While the pandemic has expanded the number of PC and tablet users in the home, with limited financial resources, there is still a risk that consumers will turn their attention to smartphones and other purchases.

According to IDC analysts, the current year will test the strength of market participants. Lower demand and surpluses combined with a deteriorating macroeconomic environment will have a negative impact on both sales volumes and average prices. According to the forecast, 142.3 million tablets will be sold worldwide this year, down 12% from last year, and PC sales will fall by 10.7% to 260.8 million units. Tablet popularity will decline 0.8% sequentially in 2027 when 142.5 million of these devices will be sold. By then, the PC market will grow to 292.8 million devices, but positive momentum will not be seen until 2024 at the earliest.

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