Payment service Cash App leaked data of more than 8

Payment service Cash App leaked data of more than 8 million users

Block (formerly Square) informed about 8.2 million users of the payment service Cash App about the loss of personal data. The incident became known after Block filed the relevant documents with the US Securities and Exchange Commission. The leak is reported to have occurred on December 10, 2021 when a former Cash App employee downloaded internal files, and did so after being fired.

“Although this employee had regular access to the reports as part of his previous job duties, in this case access to the reports was obtained without permission and after the end of his job.”the company said in a statement.

The stolen documents reportedly contained the Cash App customers’ full names as well as their brokerage account numbers, which are linked to investing activities on the app. Some client files also contained additional information including portfolio value, trading activity data and more.

“The reports did not include usernames or passwords, social security numbers, dates of birth, payment card information, addresses, bank account details, or other personal information.”, — reported in block. The company also found that the stolen data did not include security codes or passwords used to access Cash App accounts. The notification states that other products and features of the service, with the exception of stock operations, were not affected by this incident. At the same time, Block continues to investigate what happened.



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