Pavel Durov suspected Apple of intentionally limiting the possibilities of

Pavel Durov suspected Apple of intentionally limiting the possibilities of web versions of applications

According to the founder of Telegram messenger Pavel Durov, the full potential of the web version of Telegram cannot be used on iOS devices due to Apple policy. The company is thus indirectly forcing users to download applications from the App Store marketplace.

    Image source: Dima Solomin/

Image source: Dima Solomin/

According to the businessman, since the tech giant receives a commission on applications and transactions from the App Store, it is possible that Apple will deliberately downgrade the characteristics of web versions of the software. “We suspect that Apple is deliberately crippling web apps to force its users to download more native apps so Apple can charge a 30% fee.”wrote Durov in his Telegram channel.

According to Durov, back in April, one of the developers of Telegram Web published a 10-point list of problems in the Safari browser that Apple has not tried to eliminate or minimize for years, which is why the web version of Telegram is much more difficult to process than a regular one Application.

Durov stressed that the UK antitrust authority CMA had already drawn attention to the issue, claiming that Apple had in fact banned alternative browser engines on its mobile devices – such a decision being typical only of the Apple ecosystem. This not only limits the potential of third-party browsers, but also seriously blocks the capabilities of browser-based web applications, depriving users and developers of all benefits of accessing innovative technologies.

In his contribution, Durov called it sad that more than 10 years after the death of Apple founder Steve Jobs (Steve Jobs), the company that once revolutionized the mobile network has now become the main obstacle to its development.

It’s worth noting that Telegram itself recently talked about the upcoming launch of a paid subscription. However, the company behind the messenger does not put any obstacles in the way of users of free versions – only additional functions are offered for money.

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