Pavel Durov summarized the results of the first year since

Pavel Durov summarized the results of the first year since the advent of monetization in Telegram – the results “exceeded expectations”

The creator of the Telegram messenger Pavel Durov remindthat already a year has passed since monetization mechanisms appeared in Messenger. Despite significant limitations, the initiative worked well and even exceeded Durov’s expectations, as did the idea of ​​a paid Telegram Premium subscription.

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Mr. Durov said that they decided to approach advertising in Messenger taking into account the requirements to ensure user privacy – the administration refused to use users’ personal data for targeted advertising. The ads themselves only appeared in public channels. The dynamics of financial indicators turned out to be higher than the market average, and Telegram embarked on the path to financial self-sufficiency.

And just five months ago, the Telegram Premium subscription model was launched, which was quickly joined by more than a million users, becoming one of the most successful examples of subscription adoption on social networks. In the future, Mr. Durov is sure that Telegram Premium will be able to compete with advertising revenue in terms of revenue.

Monetization mechanisms will help the platform pay for servers and traffic, and provide funds for employee salaries – all of which is necessary to both introduce new features and support existing ones. “While some other apps see users as a means of maximizing revenue, we see revenue as a means of maximizing value for our users.”– concluded Mr. Durov.

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