Panasonic will spend nearly 5 billion on batteries hydrogen technology

Panasonic will spend nearly $5 billion on batteries, hydrogen technology and more

Panasonic CEO Yuki Kusumi, who took office last April, outlined the priorities for the company’s strategic development over the next three years. Two-thirds of the $4.9 billion investment will go into traction batteries, with the remainder set to form the company’s “technology foundation.”

    Image source: Panasonic

Image source: Panasonic

Last category if you believe Bloomberg, refers to the sphere of hydrogen energy. Incidentally, the company wants to expand the use of software for logistics management – last year, Blue Yonder was acquired for 7.1 billion US dollars. Panasonic intends to integrate related functions with sensors and cameras and develop end-to-end hardware and software solutions for the logistics industry.

Over the next three years, Panasonic aims to generate $12.2 billion in operating income. A portion of these funds could be used for acquisitions and the purchase of necessary assets. According to Bloomberg, the company is in talks to build a 4680 lithium battery manufacturing facility in the United States, which will be dedicated not only to Tesla but also to other interested customers. If a company is set up in the US, it will start operations in 2024. These plans have not yet been confirmed by Panasonic officials.


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