Panasonic will offer solid state batteries for drones and robots by

Panasonic will offer solid-state batteries for drones and robots by 2029

It is widely accepted that automakers and their partners are most interested in developing solid-state electrolyte batteries as they will address a number of shortcomings of current generation electric vehicles, such as: B. limited range and long charging times. Panasonic is under no illusions and promises to start selling solid-state batteries only in 2029, for devices that are more compact than electric vehicles.

    Image source: Nikkei Asian Review, Ryohtaroh Satoh

Image source: Nikkei Asian Review, Ryohtaroh Satoh

As explained Nikkei Asian Review With reference to Tatsuo Ogawa, CTO of the Panasonic Group, the Japanese group wants to bring solid-state batteries onto the market only in the drone and industrial robot segment by 2029; they will not initially be offered on the consumer market. Some of the technologies used in the production of such batteries could eventually find application in electric vehicles, but to achieve this there are many technical problems that need to be solved.

Solid-state batteries offer a higher charge storage density with a lower weight, they also enable faster charge replenishment and are less prone to spontaneous combustion, but their production is significantly more difficult and expensive given the current state of technological development in the industry. However, Panasonic has already managed to eliminate another major disadvantage of such batteries – their limited lifespan. Panasonic experts claim that branded solid-state batteries can easily withstand tens of thousands of charging cycles. This is many times what modern lithium-ion batteries offer.

Many companies are already interested in Panasonic technologies in this area. Apparently solid-state batteries of this brand will only reach the automotive sector in the next decade. The competition doesn’t sleep either; Toyota Motor will launch the first electric car based on solid-state batteries in 2027; Similar developments are being carried out by Samsung SDI, SK On and Nissan Motor. American and European automakers tend to invest in various startups developing solid-state batteries.

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