Palworld is losing players on Steam at a record pace

Palworld is losing players on Steam at a record pace, and the development studio is “catastrophically” short-staffed

Survival simulator Palworld, which became the second game in Steam history with a peak online of more than 2 million users, installed another record on the platform, but now with a minus sign.

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On February 6th, Palworld’s concurrent user count on Steam dropped below 1 million, something that hasn’t happened since January 21st. On February 9, peak online dropped to 682 032 person (personal minimum). Thus, since January 28, when the highest figure was recorded (2,101,867), the simulator has lost more than 1.4 million players – this is the largest drop in the history of the site in such a short period of time (13 days). The record holder for online play on the platform, the shooter PUBG: Battlegrounds, held gamers for much longer – even six years after its launch, its daily peak reaches 400–600 thousand users.

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One way or another, user activity has increased again in recent days. Over the past 24 hours, Palworld managed to gather 756,764 players at the same time (second place after Counter-Strike 2). According to the creators, by January 31, sales of the game in the Valve store exceeded 12 million, and on Xbox – 7 million copies. It tops the Steam sales chart for three weeks in a row.

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Continuing support for Palworld may be hampered by staffing shortages. Recently the developers reported on Twitter about “catastrophic” lack of specialists. “We are looking for staff for all positions, especially planners and engineers, — wrote They. “We’re looking for people who have experience with any engine, so get in touch if you’re interested in creating a completely new type of game.”

The simulator brings in a lot of revenue, but the studio’s expenses are also high: to maintain the functionality of the Pocketpair game servers every month spends about 500 thousand dollars.

Palworld was released on January 19th in early access on PC (Steam, Microsoft Store), Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S (including on Game Pass). The rating in the Valve service, calculated based on 210 thousand reviews, is 94%.

At the same time, Pocketpair continues to work on several more games, including a multiplayer sandbox Craftopiaan AI-assisted painting simulator AI: Art Impostor and metroidvania Never Grave: The Witch and The Curse in the spirit of Hollow Knight. All of them are in early access – the first one started back in September 2020.

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