Pajama Gathering Japanese developers have found a way to break

Pajama Gathering: Japanese developers have found a way to break the corporate dress code

Hybrid work practices, rampant during the pandemic, have seen employees actively participate in remote meetings via video, but have not relaxed grooming requirements. The Japanese company EmbodyMe has developed a system that allows using digital technology to create a decent look of users who are actually dressed in pajamas and barely combed their hair.

    Image source: Nikkei Asian Review, EmbodyMe

Image source: Nikkei Asian Review, EmbodyMe

The idea of ​​using digital avatars isn’t new in itself, but EmbodyMe’s solution is, according to it Nikkei Asian Review, uses an artificial intelligence system that generates a decent and natural image of a person in a hundredth of a second, even on computers with medium hardware equipment, outperforming the competition up to 50 times. To work with the system, the user needs to upload his photos in business attire, which will later be transferred to his real image almost without delay. The system tracks almost 50,000 different points on the user’s face, and the neural network allows you to animate a computer-generated part of the image so that everything looks completely natural, including facial expressions and gestures, even when the user approaches the camera.

The EmbodyMe service in the beta version has been distributed since September 2020, the full version of the software was released later and was in great demand. The basic filter is available to customers for free, while advanced features are offered for a monthly subscription fee of $8. The company expects to cover its services and corporate customers.

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