Paint for Windows 11 introduces dark theme support

Paint for Windows 11 introduces dark theme support

Microsoft has released a preview of Paint 11.2304.17.0 for Windows 11 to Windows Insiders on the Canary and Dev channels. The most noticeable innovation was support for a dark theme.

    Image source: Microsoft

Image source: Microsoft

By default, Paint in Windows 11 uses the system settings. However, users have the option to change the theme in the Settings section. Many other standard OS applications have previously received support for the dark theme, so Paint’s implementation of this feature is nothing unexpected.

In addition, the developers have improved the zoom control, making it easier for users to control the display of content in the workspace. The usual presets won’t go away, but beyond that, users can zoom in and out in smaller increments using the dedicated slider. For greater display accuracy, you can set your own scaling value, allowing you to choose the best option for displaying content on the canvas. In addition, Paint has a function for quickly optimizing the image scale to the window size.

Updated the Image Properties dialog to better match the overall Windows 11 theme and Paint app background. The developers have optimized other dialog boxes and improved support for accessibility and keyboard shortcuts. It is still unknown when the innovations mentioned can appear in stable versions of Paint.


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