Paid 100 not to play the game Intel Arc graphics

“Paid $100 not to play the game”: Intel Arc graphics card owners were left with nothing at the start of Starfield Early Access

Today, September 1st, Early Access started for buyers of the $100 Starfield Premium Edition. However, Intel Arc graphics card owners will have to wait no matter how much they paid for the game.

    Image Credit: Steam (Avetheropoda)

Image Credit: Steam (Avetheropoda)

According to portal TechPowerUpCurrently, Intel Arc GPU owners cannot play Starfield even if they purchased the premium edition.

Starfield won’t open, takes 30-40 minutes to load (takes up to 30GB of system memory), launch issues “A chaotic cacophony of structural chaos” or crashes after a few minutes of gameplay.

    Image Source: Reddit (GLIB-Chri2992)

Image Source: Reddit (GLIB-Chri2992)

Intel in their microblog confirmedwhich is aware of the problems encountered by the owners of its graphics cards while playing Starfield, but cannot quickly fix the situation.

“We are aware of issues with Starfield on Intel Arc graphics. We’re working to improve the experience for the full game release next week.”said intel.

    Image Source: X (Remy09er)

Image Source: X (Remy09er)

Intel Arc users (particularly those who bought the premium edition) were predictably unhappy with such fix timelines. “Paid $100 not to play the game”complains Remy09er.

The full release of Starfield is expected on September 6th on PC (Steam, Microsoft Store), Xbox Series X and S, and Game Pass (PC and Xbox). In the first hour after the start of Early Access, the game received a mod replacing FSR 2 with DLSS.

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