Pages suddenly stop loading in Firefox 96

Pages suddenly stop loading in Firefox 96

Today, according to online sources, users of the popular Mozilla Firefox browser have encountered problems when trying to open web pages. According to reports, the problem can occur when opening pages in Firefox 96 for Windows, macOS and Linux software platforms.

Image source: Mozilla

Image source: Mozilla

The problem manifests itself in the fact that when trying to open a page, the user sees a long load, but the transition to the site is not carried out. Mozilla developers have confirmed the problem and have already managed to fix the situation reported on your Twitter page. Users who are still having problems loading pages in Firefox should restart the browser, after which the application will be restored.

“Firefox was having crashes today due to a cloud service provider changing default settings, resulting in an HTTP/3 error in Firefox. We have disabled the configuration change and confirm that this has resolved the issue. Firefox users have experienced crashes and we are sorry. We believe the issue has been resolved and restarting Firefox should restore normal app behavior.”, — said in the statement of the developers of Mozilla.


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