PaceTrail Global Business Card with GPS and Paid Subscription Launched on Kickstarter

Startup PaceTrail launched on Kickstarter campaign Global Card is a universal business card with advanced search capabilities. In addition to the device, a paid subscription is offered for $ 11.99 per month, with which it can be tracked in 34 countries around the world.



For searching, the PaceTrail Global Card has GPS, LTE / NB-IoT and Bluetooth modules. The main purpose of the device is to protect valuables and personal safety. With its small dimensions 86 × 54 × 2.54 mm, it is slightly thicker than a regular credit card, but it can be monitored in real time around the clock, the Separation Alert function allows you not to lose sight of the gadget, it is possible to send an SOS signal – and coverage in 34 countries of the world (plus 9 countries with limited coverage).

Thanks to eSim, the device works in networks of LTE / NB-IoT standards. With a subscription for $ 11.99 per month, you can turn on access to mobile communications – it includes automatic international roaming. Without a subscription, the card can only be tracked within the BLE range – a signal sounds when the connection is broken. The housing is protected from dust and splash water according to IP64 standard. Apps for iOS and Android released.



According to the authors, the main idea of ​​the project is “Push GPS tracking to its maximum limit”… The range of a traditional BLE tracker is 25-30 meters, while the PaceTrail Global Card has unlimited range, and a full 170 mAh battery charge will last for 3 months. The tracker can be installed on luggage, a vehicle, hidden in a wallet or bag. With its help, you can partially protect a vulnerable person: suffering from dementia or having other limitations, the card can also be given to the child.

Corporate partners of the project plan to use the device for protected items, for example, paintings, folders with valuable documents, discs with backups, musical instruments, medical and laboratory equipment.



An important addition is NFC support. The PaceTrail Global Card can act as a digital business card — quickly send contacts, site addresses, lead collection forms, and any other information that can be sent to an NFC-compatible phone with a simple tap. You can also store links to payment services Venmo, CashApp and PayPal on the card for fast transactions. Another application is a key for NFC-enabled locks.

The PaceTrail Global Card campaign launched on Kickstarter on September 7th. The device is offered to those who supported the project at a discount at a price of $ 80 ($ 109 for website developer), as well as a lifetime 50% discount on subscriptions. A charging cable and instructions are included with the gadget. Additional accessories and customization of the tracker’s appearance are available. According to the project roadmap, the first deliveries will start in February 2022.


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