Over 400 Million Donated to Star Citizen Development

Over $ 400 Million Donated to Star Citizen Development

Cloud Imperium Games’ campaign to raise funds for the Star Citizen space simulator attracted more than $ 400 million. In the graph on the official website of the game, you can see that over 2 million have been contributed over the past two days. At the time of writing, the amount is $ 401,064,566, and the number of supporters is 3,360,411.

Source: Cloud Imperium Games

Source: Cloud Imperium Games

This breakthrough was facilitated by a new advertising campaign “Intergalactic Aerospace Exhibition 2951” with the opportunity to fly on a hundred spaceships for free. During the event, the developers are showing new vehicles, skins and in-game items.

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Also the studio published video with the developers who talked about the new features in the first person game. Earlier, the authors announced that they were moving to a new office and significantly expanding the staff (they plan to double it over the next five years).

Star Citizen was announced on October 10, 2012. The release date of the final version has not yet been announced. A year ago, studio head Chris Roberts pointed out that the first beta of Star Citizen’s storyline branch, Squadron 42, will have to wait a few more years. Squadron 42 was supposed to be released seven years ago.

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