Original PlayStation VR games are not compatible with 2nd generation

Original PlayStation VR games are not compatible with 2nd generation headsets

Sony has issued an official answer to the question about game compatibility for the first-generation PSVR virtual reality headset with the second-generation device. And this answer was negative – the difference between the two systems is too great.

    Image source: playstation.com

Image source: playstation.com

Hideaki Nishino, Sony Vice President of Platform Operations, in the company’s latest issue podcast stated: “PSVR games are not compatible with PSVR2 as PSVR2 is designed for true next-gen VR immersion.”. The new headset uses new solutions including eye tracking and 3D audio. “This means PSVR2 game development requires a completely different approach than PSVR. Essentially, these features allow developers to create worlds that feel richer and more alive, while providing players with the most immersive gaming experience yet.”Nishino-san added.

Therefore, porting games from one virtual platform to another can be a much more difficult task than running PS4 games on PS5. PSVR projects used PlayStation Move controllers, which are very different from PSVR2 gamepads – compatibility would require significant effort. The situation is further complicated by a new, fundamentally different tracking system of the second generation headset.

So far, Sony has already announced several games for PSVR2 and has noted that more are in development. “more than 20”. In addition to Horizon Call of the Mountain, a kind of platform to demonstrate the capabilities of the headset, these will be games from the Resident Evil, Star Wars and The Walking Dead universes. The PSVR catalog contains around 500 titles.


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