Oppo Gadgets May Get Vein Pattern Unlock

The Chinese company Oppo, according to Internet sources, has received a patent for a new biometric identification function for gadgets. It is possible that it will find application in future products.



There are two main methods of user recognition currently used in the mobile device industry – fingerprint and facial recognition. Oppo has patented a system that analyzes the pattern of veins.

This technology is expected to provide a high level of security. Since the veins are located inside the body and have many distinctive features, it is very difficult to impersonate another person.

Observers believe that Oppo may adopt the system primarily for its wearable gadgets – smartwatches and fitness bracelets. So far, however, it is not clear when the technology is planned to be brought to the commercial market.

It should also be added that the idea of ​​identifying a person by a pattern of veins is far from new. This technology has already been implemented by some companies. For example, Fujitsu has it called PalmSecure.

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