Opera introduces ChatGPT based AI alerts

Opera introduces ChatGPT-based AI alerts

The developers of the Opera browser have kept their promise and integrated Chatbots ChatGPT and ChatSonic are based on artificial intelligence and also offered the users the function of AI prompts. To access it, just update your browser, open the “Easy Setup” menu on the right and enable it below.

    Image source: blogs.opera.com

Image source: blogs.opera.com

After that, chatbot buttons will appear in Opera’s sidebar, but you’ll need to log in to use them. You can also launch chatbots from the context menu items when selecting text in the browser. AI allows you to perform various operations on the selected text, for example, rewrite it in the style of a football commentator or turn it into a quiz question. Green tips are generated by ChatGPT service, purple tips are generated by chat bot ChatSonic.

Opera developers have clarified that these innovations are only the first stage of introducing AI to the browser, and the second will include the capabilities of their own GPT-based AI platform. After the emergence of ChatGPT with its unique capabilities, many technology companies have pushed AI developments, including browser developers. In particular, support for the ChatGPT-based Copilot assistant appeared in Microsoft Edge.


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