OpenAI warned Microsoft before launching an AI bot in Bing

OpenAI warned Microsoft before launching an AI bot in Bing that it would give strange answers

OpenAI warned Microsoft to phase out GPT-4 for Bing to avoid inaccurate and unpredictable responses the company ended up with at launch. The report also mentions that the OpenAI team warned too early about negative risks related to the release of the Bing chatbot due to the not yet released version of GPT-4.

    Image source: Microsoft/OpenAI

Image source: Microsoft/OpenAI

A few days after the launch of Bing Chat in February, users discovered that the chatbot is unpredictable and can insult, lie to users and even claim to recognize the interlocutors as their enemies. After that, Microsoft was quick to restrict Bing chat replies to prevent the AI ​​from running amok. It took months of work to get the Bing chatbot able to hold a long conversation with a user without unexpected outbursts. However, he is still often wrong. The Wall Street Journal reports that OpenAI has warned Microsoft that GPT-4 is not ready to implement Bing Chat.

The news agency’s report also details tensions between the two companies, which are collaborating and competing in the field of AI. Microsoft executives were reportedly concerned about last year’s launch of ChatGPT. According to the WSJ, OpenAI warned Microsoft for weeks not to begin public testing of ChatGPT, just as the software giant was beginning to integrate OpenAI models into Bing.

Microsoft and OpenAI have a fairly unique partnership that has caused some conflict behind the scenes as the two companies support and compete with each other. The company licenses OpenAI technologies for use in Bing, Azure, Office, Windows and many other products.

Microsoft is also OpenAI’s exclusive cloud partner, and the digital giant’s cloud services support all of OpenAI’s work, including its products, API services, and research. At the same time, OpenAI has developed its own products and API services that target the same customers as Microsoft. Finally, ChatGPT is a direct competitor to Bing Chat.

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