OpenAI monetizes ChatGPT AI bot with Stripe payment platform

OpenAI monetizes ChatGPT AI bot with Stripe payment platform

OpenAI, best known for developing the AI ​​chatbot ChatGPT, announced to work with Stripe to monetize its AI services like ChatGPT Plus and DALL E. We’re talking about providing users with different subscription options. In return, thanks to this deal, Stripe will be able to introduce OpenAI’s new large GPT-4 AI language model into its products and services.

    Image source: OpenAI

Image source: OpenAI

OpenAI plans to integrate several Stripe apps into its platform, including Stripe Billing, Stripe Checkout, and Stripe Tax. In particular, Stripe Billing and Stripe Checkout will be integrated into ChatGPT’s chatbot premium subscription. Through the pre-built Stripe Checkout payment page, OpenAI can offer users one-time product purchases and monthly or usage-based subscriptions with over 25 payment methods.

The integration of the Stripe Tax app, which helps businesses automate the calculation and collection of taxes in the US and over 30 countries, demonstrates OpenAI’s commitment to tax compliance as it expands into global markets.

In addition, OpenAI will make the Stripe Billing billing app available to users of the DALL·E AI neural network so that they can use the payment option to purchase DALL·E credits.

We’re excited to partner with Stripe to monetize our flagship products, — said Peter Welinder, Vice President of Products and Partnerships at OpenAI. — In addition to making payments, Stripe helps us with everything from regular billing and tax compliance to automating our financial transactions.”

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