OpenAI introduced an API to integrate ChatGPT with third party applications

OpenAI introduced an API to integrate ChatGPT with third-party applications

OpenAI announced the availability of the ChatGPT API to a professional audience, allowing developers to integrate an AI bot into their software solutions and create intelligent services using machine learning technologies and artificial intelligence systems based on neural networks.

    Image source: Corinne Kutz/

Image source: Corinne Kutz/

In addition, OpenAI announced the API whispersConvert audio files to text format and update AI service usage policy based on user group feedback.

In particular, the company promises not to use the data transmitted to it for training models unless the customers expressly agree to this. This is to allay fears that the bot will start operating on sensitive information in its work – for this reason it has been banned from being used by employees of some companies, as it is hardly advisable, for example, to train AI on materials that are trade secrets – information may be accessible to third parties. Also, OpenAI said they are working to ensure the stability of the system.

Although many companies have already resorted to workarounds to include chatbots in their programs and use the public GPT model API, the appearance of the official ChatGPT API seems to revolutionize the software market. Many companies are working on their own AI models, but ChatGPT remains the most popular and most developed option.


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