OpenAI employees were not necessarily willing to move to Microsoft

OpenAI employees were not necessarily willing to move to Microsoft – this would have resulted in financial losses

Following the surprise firing of CEO Sam Altman from OpenAI, company employees threatened to move to Microsoft if the decision to fire him stood. However, according to the latest data, the threat of switching to Microsoft was just a bluff, as in this case employees were promised the loss of significant financial benefits.

    Image source: Voltamax / Pixabay

Image source: Voltamax / Pixabay

Business Insider sources report a sense of relief among OpenAI employees after not having to move to Microsoft. Many of them said that the threat of a transition was just a bluff, the purpose of which was to return Altman to the CEO post. The decision not to join Microsoft was due to a number of factors, including the loss of key benefits such as high salaries and shares in the company’s stock.

At OpenAI, base salaries start at $300,000, with shares worth $2 million over four years, although some employees earn even more. Although Microsoft agreed to hire all OpenAI employees on the same terms, this promise was only verbal and had no legal force. An OpenAI employee expressed doubts that Microsoft would pay compensation for lost OpenAI shares.

If the company’s employees were to move to Microsoft, they would lose the ability to participate in tender offers to buy back OpenAI shares. This means they would have missed the opportunity to sell their shares at a potentially profitable price in the future. An OpenAI employee noted that no one aspired to work for Microsoft, criticized the company for its slow decision-making, and compared it to OpenAI’s more dynamic and innovative approach.

Some employees also felt uncomfortable signing a letter threatening to leave Microsoft if Altman wasn’t rehired, pointing out that their views on the CEO were not fanatical and were within reason. One employee said that while Altman was not a perfect leader, millions of dollars and stock were at stake. A decline in the value of OpenAI would harm the financial well-being of the AI ​​startup’s employees.

The situation at Microsoft was also tense. Hundreds of company employees were outraged by Microsoft’s promise to negotiate salaries with hundreds of OpenAI employees. It’s worth noting that Microsoft previously laid off more than 10,000 employees, froze salaries, and cut bonuses and shareholder payments. This has led to dissatisfaction among workers who work tirelessly for more than 12 hours a day and constantly fear being fired. Due to the current situation, we can expect further information on developments in the near future.

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