OpenAI adds new ChatGPT customization options and announces upcoming release

OpenAI adds new ChatGPT customization options and announces upcoming release of Business Bots

OpenAI has added new settings to the ChatGPT chatbot interface, allowing users to clear chat history and providing a more convenient way to export data. The startup also announced plans to release a business version of the ChatGPT Business service, to be unveiled in the coming months.

    Image source: Priscilla Du Preez/

Image source: Priscilla Du Preez/

According to Silicon Angle, the chatbot now works on the basis of the large GPT-4 language model, which was introduced relatively recently. According to available data, the service’s audience has exceeded 100 million users.

By default, ChatGPT saves both user responses and AI responses. New settings allow you to delete chat history after 30 days. In addition, OpenAI’s data is not used to train language models. According to the company, the new controls will be available to all users and their gradual integration has already begun. According to OpenAI, the settings can be changed at any time. When history storage is disabled, AI conversations are stored for 30 days and checked for abuse monitoring before being deleted. In addition to the new control, there is also the option of simplified content export. According to OpenAI, the tool allows users to upload copies of AI chats and related information. Exporting such data was possible before, but required a little more effort and time.

    Image source: OpenAI

Image source: OpenAI

At the same time, OpenAI announced the launch of a business version of ChatGPT. The startup did not specify which additional features such a variant of the chatbot would have compared to user models, but said that user data is not used to train language models by default.

According to OpenAI, the business version is designed for this “Professionals who want more control over their data and businesses who want to manage the end-user experience.”. It is expected that the service will have additional features that can assist administrators in performing various tasks such as: B. when creating company accounts for employees.

OpenAI already offers a paid version of ChatGPT, which launched in February – ChatGPT Plus offers faster responses and priority access for subscribers for $20 per month. OpenAI also released an API for companies to integrate the bot into their own software.

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