OnePlus showed a universal external coolant for smartphones 45W

OnePlus showed a universal external coolant for smartphones – 45W Liquid Cooler

In addition to the concept model of the OnePlus 11 smartphone with a liquid cooling system (LCS) from the OnePlus brand presented a more versatile solution at the Mobile World Congress (MWC). We are talking about a separate external LSS, which is suitable for any smartphone and allows you to increase performance in resource-intensive games and applications.

    Image Source: Stuff

Image Source: Stuff

According to Stuff’s online edition, the system will be available later this year. It is expected to offer a small framerate boost to mobile gamers whenever possible.

If the Active CryoFlux liquid cooling system used in the OnePlus 11 concept version helps to cool the chipset by 1-2 degrees compared to a conventional smartphone of the same model, then the TEC technology, used in the independent 45W Liquid Cooler module is used, it is possible to cool the smartphone by up to 20 degrees. Specifically, this means the processor can run at higher frequencies without overheating and throttling, which in turn translates into higher frame rates in games, especially for those who expect long gaming sessions.

The cooler itself is attached to the smartphone with special spring clips and is compatible with products from most brands in addition to OnePlus itself. It is noteworthy that the novelty is associated with a block with a fairly large cooler – from an external hard drive or even a router. Most of the cooling system is hidden inside the case, so unlike other similar solutions, the user does not feel the release of excess heat to the outside.

    Image Source: Stuff

Image Source: Stuff

The “thermoelectric” cooling starts immediately after connecting the cool box to the smartphone and the cooling intensity can be adjusted using the button on the main module. Unfortunately, the cooling system does not offer smartphone charging, so mobile gamers may need to connect a different cable to their smartphone during gaming sessions.

The start time of the sale and the price of new items will be announced later.

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