One of the Fallout writers explained why vaults were actually

One of the Fallout writers explained why vaults were actually created – they weren’t designed to be dwellings

American game designer, programmer and producer Timothy Cain, one of the creators of Fallout, spoke about the true purpose of vaults from the games in the series. The developer gave the answer in a video published on a personal page Youtube channel.

    Entrance to Vault 13. Image source:

Entrance to Vault 13 (image from the introductory video for the original Fallout). Image source:

According to Kane, Vault-Tec safes were not designed to save or even keep people social experiments. The bunkers were to be laboratories where a huge nuclear-powered spacecraft would be developed. The flying machine would allow the survivors to leave Earth and go in search of new colonies. Ships had to be made self-sufficient to increase the chances of humans (and their descendants) getting to a habitable planet.

The idea for the Lab Vaults came to Kane after a conversation with the original Fallout’s lead game designer, Christopher Taylor. The latter pointed out that taking into account the capacity of each bunker (no more than a thousand people), such buildings would not be able to cope with the task of saving the residents of the United States, the number of which in history exceeded 400 million people ( in the video Kane speaks of 200-300 million).

“I agreed with him said Kane. — If you read what scientists said about the aftermath of global nuclear war in the 1950s, you know how depressing it can be. Ecology is destroyed by radiation. In fact, it will not be necessary to return to the surface of the earth. And I was like, what if that’s the point? In such a situation, the head of the enclave and top government officials might offer to build a spaceship […] who would travel to the nearest stars.”

    The first level of Vault 13

The first level of Vault 13 (Fallout 1)

Assistance in organizing laboratories for the development of the necessary technologies (cryopods, food production, water purification on board the ship, etc.) would be offered by the head of Vault-Tec, although he “Not the nicest person in the world”remarked Kane.

“To save a tiny fraction of the American population and then release those people into a radioactive wasteland — it sounds pointless, said Kane. — It makes more sense to turn the vaults into a stepping stone for technological experimentation to create a spaceship that will bring the best of the best from Earth and ensure the lives of many generations.

    Vault 13 Flyer

Vault 13 Flyer

In other videos on his channel, Kane spoke about his current life (he has stopped being a full-time employee of Obsidian Entertainment, works remotely for the studio and also advises two other companies) and revealed the secrets of other games – for example He spoke about the abridged multiplayer for Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines.

Last year, Todd Howard confirmed that Fallout 5 would be the next Bethesda Game Studios project after The Elder Scrolls VI.

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