One of Intels top graphics engineers left to work for

One of Intel’s top graphics engineers left to work for AMD

One of the leading specialists in Intel’s graphics division, Mike Burrows (Mike Burrows left the company and joined the AMD team. This is confirmed by the data on his page on the professional social network LinkedIn. Burrows worked at Intel for 14 years The registry.

One of Intels top graphics engineers left to work for

Burroughs said he left Intel a month ago, adding that after considering “several options,” he made the decision this month to join AMD as corporate vice president of graphics. AMD has not yet made any official comments on the matter, writes The registry.

Prior to his departure, Burrows was Intel’s CTO and head of the Advanced Technologies Group for gaming technology and graphics. He joined Intel in 2008. Before that, he worked at Microsoft on the Xbox game console and DirectX software.

At AMD, Burrows will focus on real-time ray tracing and machine learning. In addition, his interests will include technologies related to scaling graphics and computing solutions, as well as technologies for data compression and streaming.

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