OlliOlli World is not an arcade but a holiday review

OlliOlli World is not an arcade, but a holiday. review

played on the PlayStation 5

The OlliOlli trilogy can be compared to the Forza Horizon series. For those who love to skate these are the same holiday games – insanely exciting and plenty of entertainment for all levels of players. What the first OlliOlli and its sequel lacked was a bright visual component – pixel art didn’t mix well with deep gameplay. OlliOlli World fixed this – the graphic style in the spirit of Adventure Time fits perfectly, and the transition to 3D made the tricks more spectacular.

From beginner to master

They even tried to add a plot. We are in Redlandia, the “Skateboarding Utopia”. This is an island that legend has it was created by five skatebogs who shaped their regions to their liking. Whoever perfectly passes the tests on all routes in all areas is crowned Skatemaster. Such people are few, and our hero would like to become one of them – not without the help of another retired skatemaster and his comrades.

Characters often praise the main character

Characters often praise the main character

Each level is accompanied by dialogues at the beginning and end, but there’s nothing useful in it, so most of the time you skip them. I want to quickly get to the actual process: review the list of tests, remember, and go. The game gradually teaches beginners what you can basically do in it. First he talks about repulsion – if you use it, you increase the speed. Then he teaches basic tricks – all of them are performed with the left stick, only you need to move it in different directions. Grinding on rails, combos on jumps, powerful repulsions – everything is more or less simple and clear.

Then the more difficult tasks begin – for example advanced and special tricks. It is no longer enough to lift the stick to jump – you have to rotate it in different directions. After landing, it is desirable to perform manuals, grapples in the air and wall rides on the walls. The sooner you master all of this (and the game doesn’t require you to combine many techniques at once), the easier it will be in the later stages. Pressing the gamepad buttons is like playing the piano as you stare at the screen and in a split second try to find the perfect combination for each specific situation.

And it all started so well…

overcoming and self-improvement

The maps are long and varied – either ramps in a row, then closely spaced rails, then after acceleration you have to make long jumps, then you have to jump from one small island to another. The dynamics are constantly changing, so the gameplay doesn’t get boring. At each level, virtual characters have already set records that are always fun to beat (and not that hard).

And when the level is over and you return to it, the game will find an opponent among the real players who scored a little more points than you. I want to break this record, but then the next opponent comes along, then another, and so on ad infinitum. When you seem to have mastered the mechanics (to yourself) perfectly and know the location by heart, it’s hard not to try again to snag as many points as possible. Sooner or later you will meet too tough an opponent, but the desire to at least get closer to him and try to take away the “crown” from him remains.

Jumping gallop

You’ll also want to repeat the levels to complete tasks that will force you to step out of your comfort zone: then you’ll be asked not to pop the balls, which unfortunately are right where you usually drive; Then you have to perform a specific trick at a specific spot or demonstrate ten different tricks throughout the level. And sometimes you have to go off the usual path, meet story characters and unlock bonus levels – and there is a long obstacle course without save points, races with a bear and much more.

You do all this because you really enjoy the gameplay. To complete tasks and set records, they give items to customize the character’s appearance, but there are so many of them that 99% of these items you will never wear. However, even with useless rewards, you want to do everything in a row so that everything on the world map is done. All elements are executed almost impeccably: the controls never raise any complaints, each track is good in its own way, the visual part is always pleasing to the eye and there is a lot of great music.

There's nothing quite like a list of completed tests and broken records.

There’s nothing quite like a list of completed tasks and broken records.

Above all, OlliOlli World delights in the process of driving. Combining tricks, carefully jumping onto the rails and performing manuals on the floor and seeing the combo counter grow in the corner makes the game really fun. When you successfully perform a difficult trick for which you turn the stick in different directions and his name appears on the screen, you will feel like the greatest skateboarder of all time. As time goes by you start doing things you couldn’t do at first and want to see more and more difficult challenges – luckily the game offers them in the later stages.


In February there are many high-profile releases, among which a cartoon-style skater arcade can very easily get lost. But those who notice and try it will certainly not be disappointed and conquer new heights, improving their own records again and again. OlliOlli has always been a great series that lacked sparkle and a more presentable visual style – now this has been fixed and it has become almost impossible to find fault with.


  • a variety of locations with unique tracks and challenges;
  • gradual acquaintance with the mechanics will help not to get confused in the possibilities;
  • The controls are very comfortable and responsive, and the list of tricks is huge.
  • the updated visual style looks great;
  • Lots of character customization options to create your dream skateboarder.


  • not a very successful attempt to add a plot.


graphic Graphics used to be pixelated in OlliOlli, but now they’re 3D in the Adventure Time spirit. This looks nice and makes the atmosphere even funnier.
sound There’s plenty of good music, but sooner or later you’ll turn on your own playlist – apart from the soundtrack, there’s nothing to hear here yet.
single player game A variety of levels and many available tricks will not let you get bored.
Estimated travel time If you hurry to finish all the levels as fast as possible, you can complete them in less than ten hours. However, it will be very difficult to ignore challenges, other people’s records and other elements – and therefore prepare to spend sleepless evenings in the game.
collective game You cannot race directly with other players, but it is very easy to beat their records. Also, the game doesn’t immediately throw up the most skillful opponents, but acts ascending – it finds those who have just a little more points.
general impression Until the third part, OlliOlli has developed a beautiful and effective visual style without losing its main assets. Brilliant arcade game and one of February’s best games.


Result: 9.0/10

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