OLED iPad arrives in 2024 but only if Samsung mass produces

OLED iPad arrives in 2024, but only if Samsung mass-produces next-generation panels

Apple could launch the first iPad with Samsung OLED screen in 2024, according to the latest data from South Korean publication The Elec. Samsung is already developing lines to manufacture OLED panels that Apple will use in its tablets. However, the company “Apfel” has to award a sufficiently large order for the project to be financially viable.

Image source: MacRumors

Image source: MacRumors

The Elec reports that Apple and Samsung worked together to develop a 10.86-inch OLED panel in 2021, but work on the display was stopped in the third quarter. The Californian company challenged panels with “Tandem two-stack structure”But the project turned out to be too difficult for Samsung – the South Korean giant was unable to produce enough panels for a price that Apple could afford. As for the second attempt at collaboration, if Apple places a large enough order for the displays, Samsung can order the equipment needed to make them as early as the third quarter of this year. This equipment is scheduled for delivery to the South Korean company in 2023. Then the production of matrices is set up.

According to the report, Samsung is working on implementing OLED Gen 8.5 IT technology in order to offer the technology Apple wants at a reasonable price. To do this, the South Korean company needs new hardware and Apple approval. Using Samsung’s current Gen 5.5 and Gen 6 technologies to manufacture substrates makes the panels unaffordable. Gen 8.5 IT displays are now being produced by Samsung in cooperation with the Japanese Ulvas, but the production quantities of these matrices are limited.

The launch of the OLED iPad in 2024 could depend on Apple’s decision to order a significant number of panels from Samsung. Of course, the company “Apfel” may prefer a different supplier, but hardly anyone will offer it more advanced products.

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